From Canada to Spain

I came to Canada some 35 years ago. I am a contractor by trade and a philosopher/poet by interest . My wife is Canadian. every year in January we go around the world. This year we are coming to Spain and Portugal. I like to find a company to come along with us traveling in Spain. If you need an invitation letter to come for a visit to Canada, I can provide that.
Kind regard

Hi Abbas Teymory,

Welcome on board  :)

I have moved your thread to the Spain forum since it is on this forum that you will have better chances of interacting with members who are planning to travail to Spain.

Also, do not hesitate to drop an advert in the Spain classifieds under the travel partners section so that members may contact you.

All the best,

Dear  Bnavia

Thank you for steering me in the right direction.
I am learning all the time reading everyone's  emails and it also keeps me  motivated.
We have just bought our home in Xativa and am now looking at quotes to move our furniture out to Spain. We plan if all goes well to permanently live in Spain  within the next six months.
My eldest son and his family are moving to their home in Xativa next month. It would be good to hear from anyone who lives in Xativa on this forum.
Although 100% I  am working hard to speak Spanish when I move to enjoy the Spanish people.
Bye for now   Karen

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