Pets in Saudi

Can anyone give me any advice about how to move my little dog to Saudi Arabia (Taif) from the U.S.?

Search this site as I have seen a few people mention pet movers who are based in the US who have helped bring dogs over to Saudi.

Or google pet movers from US to KSA

Would also recommend joining a group on Facebook called Susie of Arabia. Again I have seen posts there and I know there are people in the group who are in Jeddah (near Taif) who have brought pets of and will be willing to give information if you ask

Hi ,
I will be moving to riyadh in few weeks and i would like to know if i can bring my huge dog and am i alloud to keep him in compounds?

Check the government websites first to see if your dog is on the banned list and whether he can be on the compounds or not you have to check with each one individually. Some will allow dogs, but not many will accept a large dog on compound

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