In Italy when immigrating paying a lawyer makes it SO MUCH smoother and easier..though more costly..but in Belize does anyone know if by paying an immigration attorney it can make is easier ( if not faster ) for instance the monthly passport stamp the provable income proof each month etc etc is there a system a way through lawyers that those with the means can utilize to make it a faster experience and perhaps the Government takes you more seriously ? I am certain wealthy 70 year olds are not heading to the immigration office every 30 days and standing in lines?
Also does owning a house there outright help?  Thanks all!

I would rent a house when first getting there. Real estate is very local and you will need to learn the lay of the land while there.  Selling a house down the road is often very difficult.  There are Maya areas where land is communal so best avoided. You will get your best deal networking while down there after you figure out what area you want.

Having never used a lawyer for this sort of thing I am not sure what a lawyer could do  to speed it up. The Immigration system is archaic, but petty rigid you have to turn up in person every month for the stamp, there is no obvious line cutting that i have seen. You get there are given a number (it is first come first served) wait till your number is called get a stamp and go home mostly  at the best a half day at worst a whole day, if close to a public holiday or National dissaser (like recent hurricane) you can even get sent home to come back the following day and start again.
You have to do that for !year (No more than a total of 14 days spent out of the country, that includes a shopping trip to Chetumal when you return same day) Then you put in the application for legal residency. I do not know if at this stage a lawyer can pull strings to speed things up or not but at least after you application is in you have more leeway  with leaving and returning to Belize, but still have to continue the monthly day trip to Immigration.
My son has been told he is near the end of his processing but he has had the application in place one year this month, has had two or three of the interviews for the screening process I believe one last one to go but no idea when that will be.
There is an ongoing scandal at the moment in that certain corrupt politicians,lawyers and government officials were taking bribes to by-pass the whole system and virtually selling Belize passports. The figures being quoted are around 50K Illegal passports in the last 10 years. This has meant a even more delays for the good guys not trying to gain the system as the investigations continue.
There is no advanage in owning or renting a home. If you own a business you may be able to get a self employed work permit, which is another route to citizenship.

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