Regarding Mobility period

Hi ,I would like to know whether i should apply for a mobility period before or after cancellation of my visa. Currently i have resigned from my company and my visa is still showing valid visa .by next week my employer has told me to bring my passport for cancellation of visa. i would like to also know whether i will have to go to the lmra office in sitra to get the mobility done or whether my company can provide me mobility online. since i am planning to shift to new job and company in bahrain i want to know the procedure .how can i get an extension of atleast minimum two months of time to get a new job. Please provide me your valuable reply and answers. Thanking you


After the cancellation of your visa you are permitted to stay upto one month only in bahrain.
If you want to search a new job in another company it should be done within 30 days of your previous visa cancellation date.

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