Intense French language courses?


I have just moved to Mauritius and I'm interested in learning French. I have a bit of knowledge from High School but I really need to start from the basics. I have the hole month of September with a lot of free time and I would be keen on doing an intense course. After that, I would be happy to continue classes around my work schedule.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you.

PS. I am based around the West Coast

Alliance Française at Bell Vilage Port-Louis. They do have adapted courses for all levels. You can google to have the website.

I know someone in Flic en Flac who can give you lessons.  She is Mauritian but lived in France most of her life where she worked as a teacher.  If you are interested, send me a message and I will give you her details.

check also Beatrice is a nice and very good private teacher. She start to teach you on the level you are now.

If you contact her say hello from me, Andreas

Hi Gordon,

hope you are well !

Alliance Française has great references, I think the "Institut Français" also proposes french classes :

Why not proposing a language exchange in our Mauritius classifieds section ? It is also a great way to learn and practice.

All the best,


Hi Gordon,

If you are interested in learning french/creole and meeting other expats, please follow this board, I just posted an update - but please keep in mind that the course will start next year, but follow the board for updates. Thanks! … 49#3348101


Thank you everybody for your answers :)

So far I received a call from institutfrancais and they have a course  starting in October lasting 3 months for beginners. Sounds great!


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