Vietnamese uniforms - colours

just wondering what a few of the colours are.

the police are obviously the light tan colour

the light green are soldiers I think

what is the dark green though ? similar to soldier but much darker...

give this a go... … w-uniforms

My spouse told me that police have different uniforms depending on function.   Tan is only the traffic guys.  The dark green are some other type.  Sorry I don't know more.

thanks, nice photos

There are quite a few, the ones you don't want to deal with are the guys in really dark green with CSCD (Cảnh Sát Cơ Động) written on them, they are the equal of SWAT and look after the more serious matters in Viet Nam.

I've seen these guys pulled people over for not wearing helmets. Bottom line, too many pigs wearing different colors of lipsticks doing the same shit.

nice photo. Love the pot bellies and the chick wearing no bra.

JenneSaisQuoi :

nice photo. Love the pot bellies and the chick wearing no bra.

cho dien, ngung an cut di. dcm!

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