Cost Sharing - Heading to Malta in Jan (help with dogs/car)

Hiya all,

When my family come up in January, we thought we would buy a car (if we can - needed to) and drive down - though I'm contemplating taking Air Malta with the 2 dogs - it seems it'll cost around 650 with everyone and their flights (250 flights plus excess bags and dogs).

My question is, then, does anyone want to share costs on driving down, or us taking your (smallish) dog down to Malta and sharing costs like ferries and stuff. I figured cars were expensive there, so someone may want to take advantage and bring one to Malta. I'm open to considering anything really, I'm looking at every possible way down, but I thought maybe we could kill a bird for someone else and cut our costs, or vice-versa! Does anyone see any problems in this?

Possibilities were:

You having the car and bringing down our animals (preferably with one of us)
You having the car and us driving down.
Us having the car and bringing your animal / stuff to Malta.

My wife and young adult can always take the plane if the bags came with us, if it works out like that too.
So if anyone knows anyone coming up in January or late December, that you think may be interested let me know.


P.S. We will be based in Cardiff prior to this.

As you apparently have not checked it out, perhaps you should look at the cost of bringing a car in to Malta! Use the search box!
You will find that, as you will not have owned the car more than 2 years, you will have to pay a registration fee here which will probably mean it would be cheaper to buy one once you arrive.
Use this link to find out what it would cost you to register a car here.

http://www.valuation.vehicleregistratio … hicle.aspx


Foxglove - I have checked - it's still cheaper to buy a car in the UK and drive it up AND pay registration tax on it in most cases. Cars that sell for 2k in the UK are 6-7k in Malta (with about 2/2.5k adds it works out cheaper still). Some cars have a much higher registration tax than others, some are relatively cheap.

And dont forget you can only buy here once you have a ID card. Ie. Months after arriving.

It's best to bring your own if you can afford it.

If you intend driving over in January you may find the ferries from Sicily will not be running, this often happens when they take the boats out for servicing.

Yeah, I had noted people talking about that. I'll have to make sure we get the tickets all sorted beforehand, so we don't get there and nobody is going across, lol.

Having a ticket doesn't help. Bad weather which often the problem around December doesn't care for your piece of paper

I thought servicing was the problem? Surely weather isn't that bad for a modern ferry boat so often?

At least they blame it on the weather.. There was a thread somewhere on the forum about this last year, when the ferry didn't go for 2 weeks or so, if I remember correctly.. But that was because the ferry had crashed in the port in Italy.

haha - guess closer to the date I'll check the weather forecast :)

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