how to send money to UK?

Hi, i have a problem trying to send money to UK. I can't open a bank account here to do it because i don't have the status. I have tried to change my Egyptian currency through banks and exchange places and they all say they can't give any English pounds or American dollars due to the financial situation (there is a shortage etc). To send money via Moneygram it says online that they only accept dollars. I am totally stuck, i am only allowed to take 5000LE cash (Egyptian money; you can take more in foreign but i can't get foreign!) out of Egypt and i want to take a lot more than that. Any suggestions please?

You can open a bank account not at Ali bank in city stars. No problem. Ask for Michael

Check westernunion they can transfer for you 5000 Dollars per  each transaction .

hi, thanks but as i said, i dont have dollars and cant get them, no one will sell me them.

hi, thanks for replying-can i really? wont i need to prove residency, job income and all that? Is city stars mall in Nasr city? ive heard of it but not been there yet. Thanks.

Yes. City stars is in Nasr city. You don't have to worry about exchanging the money. The bank will convert it for to US$. Or E£

hello again, is it the Ahli United bank? just want to be sure because there is one called QNB Ahli as well! thanks.

Yes it's the Ali. Tied bank. Ask to see Michel he will help you

well, i went all the way to City stars today and asked for Michel and he told me to see customer services who told me i cant have an account because i'm not a resident here. Well, exactly as i said on my first post, it was a complete waste of time! Thanks anyway.


I opened an account with Union National Bank by showing them my passport and visa (6 months). The bank has its HQ in the Emirates. I am on a tourist visa. They want a year but 6 month automatically renews for the year. I opened the account 2 weeks before my first 6-month visa was due to expire. 

Hope that helps. I don't live in Cairo so not sure where the branch is.  You can google it to phone first to double check.

You should be able to transfer money through Western Union although their commission is hefty. I did it in Oman and it was 15gbp to send 1000K.

Good luck

thanks, it's worth a try!

How much do you want to exchange for pounds Sterling or US Dollars ?
If we can get in touch off list I can probably help
I have an English pounds sterling  account and an Egyptian LE account

hello Mr Rikkipoo, sorry i haven't replied to your kind offer, i am still hoping i might be able to get a bank account instead of having to change money and use moneygram-and i'm doubtful you'd be able to get the foreign currency too-i've tried a lot of places already without success. Anyway, can i get back to you about this when i've tried a few more ideas? Thanks.

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