Hi to all!I want to improve my english

Hi to all! My name is Frances! I decided to join this forum because I want to improve my english. Since I was in elementary school all my classes were in english. I can speak and write your language but I need to gain more confidence in my conversational skills. I hope anyone of you can help me on this. If anyone of you think can help me, I will be more than thankful for that. It will be an honor for me to show you the beauty of my Island and my language.

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Hi France's,
You are welcome to the forum. The best way you can practice your English here in the forum is by reading all the request for information and join the discussions. As a native Puerto Rican, you can help a lot with questions and information about how things are done in Puerto Rico.

Since you work at Banco Popular, one of the things that people here sometimes need is a mortgage loan, maybe you can write an article about the loan process and what documents they will need to bring.

Recommendations of doctors, restaurants, schools, where are safe places to live, all sorts of things. Maybe talk about what is Christmas like in PR and other festivities around the year and where they are celebratedThe more you participate the more practice you get and the more useful information that you provide.

Please do not be shy and go ahead and participate.

PS. I am also native Puerto Rican but I am living in the states at the moment

Hi Frances, I would love to help you and vice versa. I am currently learning Spanish and  I am at the point where I need to be conversational. Feel free to direct message me at any time. Welcome to the forum!

I will share some useful pieces regarding mortgage process which I made when I was working in Marketing Strategy Department. I think it will be very useful for expats because it contains all the information they need to know about the mortgage process. These pieces are very useful to our clients because we explain every step of the process since the moment we received an application until the mortgage loan was approved and then, closed.

Hola Frances,

Are you in Banco Popular's Mortgage Division in Altimira Plaza? My loan officer there was Marilyn Gonzales. She spoke very good English, but she had relatives in San Antonio, Texas and Florida, so she visited quite often. I believe she left about a year ago to spend more time with her family.

I am trying to learn Spanish (I studied French and Swedish in school) and would love to converse with you. I have been a professional copywriter, newspaper reporter, and editor and have tutored in English. When it comes to English  grammar, I'm your girl.

So let's do a trade-off.

Looks like Frances is on her way to get all the practice she wants. Phone calls, emails and the forum. Use private message to exchange contact information not the general forum as it is not private.


I answered you by email. :)

I live in Massachusetts at the moment but plan to retire in 1 to two years then go live in Ceiba.
You will get plenty of practice with the forum.

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