I've just found this website

I've been staying in bkk for almost 3 years but I don't know how to make friends here.
How did you get new friends here?
I'd prefer non close-minded people.


Would you mind to drop me your lind id in my message? I guess we can be friend :-) i am thai and i have made a few friends thru this website.

Hi, funnycrazy, and welcome to the forum.

I don't suppose you'd define "Closed minded" for us so we know what you're thinking.

A few ways to meet new friends
Attend workshops/courses (Cooking Thai food course,some group activities like cycling in Bangkok)
Visit bars and clubs. (different people in these kind of places)
Online communities.

Many people can make new friends very easily and some cannot.
You have to understand we are not perfect. So you might be lucky to meet great new friends or unlucky to meet the most selfish new friends. The important is what you learn from these people which to help you to understand more about life.

Good luck Funnycrazy with finding new friends.

Hi,we just added each other 2 days back.Oh yes,I liked sincere and open-minded person based on mutual respect,what about you,haha?

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