Where to buy indonesian banana (pisang) in hk?

My mom was brought up in indonesia. She missed indonesian bananas, which can be deep fried without getting sour, but cant find any in hk. May I know where can I buy indonesian banana in hk. Thx a lot!!

I wouldn't have a clue where to find them, but if I really wanted to find them I'd be contacting some of the thousands of  Indonesian domestic helpers to ask them where there are stores that sell imported Indonesian food and products. And if those stores don't sell them then I'd ask the store owners for advice. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Thanks very much for ur reply!! I asked a maid and she advised me to take a look at indonesian stores. Then I asked a store and the owner had no idea...Maybe I will ask fruit wholesellers at yau ma tei.

Yup and good luck. Hope you find them :)

Thx! A lady told me she once saw it in a Thai store at wan chai market. Another lady said it was hard to find one in HK. She advised me to use Plantain Banana and the small sized species (milk banana in Cantonese) instead. I will try and see how it goes.

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