Cats for Adaption

Free Love!
They were rescued only a few days old, shivering in a garden tool shed.
Now they’re happy and healthy, ready to love and be loved.  They are
four kittens and their young mom (who paid for her youthful indiscretion
with a brief operation).  They learned the use of a litter box while being
cared for during the summer by an elegant Spanishwoman, so you can
count on each one to show good manners in your home.  They are also
a lot of fun, and remain playful throughout their long life span (don’t worry,
they travel well and airlines don’t charge for bringing them along with you
when it’s time to go home).  Some people say that nothing in life is free.
But this love is yours for the taking.

Good luck in finding new homes for them.

Perhaps you'd like to place an advert in classifieds.
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Thank you so much for the suggestion, Fred.  I am new to this site, hence I didn't know where is the best place to post it.  Once again, thank you!

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