New to forum, feeling a bit lonely in Malta

Hi there. I'm new around the forum, not Malta. A bit about me: well, I moved to Malta a little over 8 years just after turning 30. It's been the best decision I have ever made.

Unfortunately, I just can't seem to meet anyone that I can become friends with. I have a good job, had plenty of acquaintances and colleagues over the years but I'd like an actual mate. Someone just to chat to, drink with, laugh with, pop out for a coffee with, watch Wales in the 6 Naitions at the pub 😊

I have tried various expats meet ups and I can understand how they are great for some people but they just made me feel really uncomfortable. Being in a room with a load of strangers and trying to 'mingle'. It's just not me. I spend the night feeling like a lemon and I end up drinking too much to compensate and then make a fool of myself.

Plus, every event seems to be in Sliema/Gzira/St Julians which for me living in Zabbar and not having a car, ends up being a very expensive night out because of the taxis home.

Is there anyone down south that fancies meeting up for a coffee/drink? Marsascala-ish area

I'm quite easy going, love a bit of sci-fi, not taking things too seriously and just relaxing and having a laugh.


Kat 😊

Hi Kat Im 35 live in Marsascala with my husband and kids we just moved from Edinburgh last month! I'd love to meet up, Missing my friends back home already :-) drop me a private message? I'm just heading to the Scotland game just now x

I'm a Welshman (though lived in Brazil for the past 12 years) heading to Malta at the end of year, will be good to get a beer with someone!

Let us know when you arrive 😊

I'm up for a beer when you arrive too Dorieus :)

Hi All,

I moved to Zabbar in October and have found it quite difficult to meet people this end of the island. We have been here 2/3 years now but only down here since Oct. If anyone wants to meet up for drinks sometime let me know. Me and my partner are up for drinks in Marsaskala


Hi, I'd be up for a drink or two.  Off the booze at the moment though - trying to see if I can make it 6 weeks! hahaha.  When the weather gets a bit warmer, drop me a line!

Hi all,
My name is Charlo and I am a local. I am always open to make new friends. So feel free to get in touch if you fancy meeting up for a walk, coffee or an ice cream.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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