What's is like living/working there? Should we sell our house ?


My husband and I are interested in Dubai. We enjoy traveling and learning new things. And helping others. Can you tell me anything that is important for our next journey.

What's is like living there?
Cost of living?
Should we sale our home here in the states? I really don't want to give our home up. Can you live in Dubai and pay our mortage here?

Any and all constructive feedback would be great!


Hi renita,

Its a great place to live here.
Accomodation normal you can get 50000aed annual.
And food expenses depends upon person to person
If you coock yourself in home it will come around 1000 aed .

How do I go about getting a job?
Is that 5000 aed on top of your wages?

I've been researching but different information. I thought it would be great if I spoke with someone that is already there.

Can we be pen pals if so when we arrive we can know someone. They say it's good to do that.


Wages depends upon the profession you are. Sales profession is the one you can adopt here easily.then after getting experience you can get between 10 to 15k.

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Hello everyone,

Just to inform you that since the thread where you initially posted was more about making friends, i have created this new thread on the Dubai forum from your posts.

@ Renita, do not hesitate to read the Living in the United Arab Emirates guide, there are some articles related to Dubai - accommodation, jobs and so on.

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