Sihanoukville consulate - same day 3 month biz visa?

They used to give me visas in a few hours. ANy1 tried it with a biz visa?

BTW - they have just undergone a big redocoration.

Also I was informed that Da Nang would send the approval letter on a certain date - does that mean I can apply for the 3 month biz visa on that date ?

So sick of being fleeced, dicked-around and ripped off by avaricious vermin imm police and schools.

Welcome to Viet Nam

Hi there. As I know getting a business visa is not just simple. They must have at least 2 working days to process it as they must find a commercial company to sponsor you for a business purpose.


Yeh have that, but thanks

I never actually see it. Just thie cor**pt thi)((ng sc(m vvv   in da nang get their money then it magically appears at the embassy

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