I can't in Kuwait so I do when I travel...

What are those things that you just have to do when you are traveling away from Kuwait?

I'm off to Thailand this week, where I make my home, and I have a mental list of things I "need"...

1) A drink...I wish Kuwait were like the Emirates.  It might be expensive but a drink once in a while would be nice
2)'s the meat staple in our dishes there, so it's burgers, ribs, grilled on a stick and stuffed in squid.
3) Fresh grilled seafood at a reasonable price
4) Affordable clothes (I'm a giant man and pay a giant's price for clothing, etc. here).

And I hope to walk and stand in the rain and feel like a tree...

What things are "a must" for you when you leave the country?

Kuwait is going to make me an alcoholic. Even though I was not a heavy drinker before (at least that's what I keep telling myself), that's the first thing on my mind when leaving the country.

Next one on the list is cheese and walking around.

So elsewhere you can find me walking on the street trying to follow a straight line while smelling of cheese. :)

proper massage at a parlor from a member of the opposite sex :P

remember, i said PROPER!

Yes as Legacy said !!!

And again as he said,  a real massage not that other thing :D

I once tried with a man here but it just didn't feel right :)

well well well gentlemen...

1. Wear comfortable clothes (not overly open but not too much of jeans and cardigans) I love summer dresses and comfortable decent walking shorts. Although its okay to walk around in that manner in Kuwait except during this cold winter weather, people doesn't seem to make it easy :) around here. Europe and Asia or even when I was in Dubai, Short shorts was okay and summer dresses was cool too -- nobody stares! It's very safe.

2. Drinking beer at a bar and dancing at a club (Drinking somewhere under the ground doesn't seem right at all, drinking should be at the bar followed by some live music and dancing)

3. Live music. Concerts. Food: Pork Stuff, Seafood and well -- public transportation! I miss taking the train and buses in Dubai. Sitting in the taxi in Kuwait with a noisy driver on his mobile phone or just plain pain in the a** is just not right.

I could go on and on but I guess thats pretty much my main aim every now and then, especially now that I've planned out my first trip out after 2 months residing in Kuwait.


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