A Place to stay for my daughter in NY 23 sept - 02 October 2016

Hello every one , i am looking for some help, my daughter is travelling to New York 23 September till 2nd October 2016 and because it is her first time and she is travelling on her own she wants to stay with a family or a single girl somewhere very central Can anyone help , she will pay for expences !
Thank you

Hello to every one ! thank you to the  55 views ! regardless that no one replied or gave any advice thank you for taking the time to read my post  !

Hello Dastar :cheers:

Maybe you could drop an advert in the Shared accommodation in New York section of the site to better spread the word amongst subscribed members.


Thank you Kenjee for your advice , although i do not think it will help , i posted anyway !

You may want to check AirBnB - it is accommodations owned by others that would be "rented". Depending on the particular type of accommodations offered one can find rooms or entire flats available. Best of luck!

- AH

Thank you , we have been looking at them !!


Can't help with NYC, but if she travels to Boston we could help her with a room.

I don't have any specific advice either other than to be very, very careful. Unfortunately, there are bad people in the world. If you find a single girl, make sure to see and talk to her on Skype, because there may be some bad men who pretend to be females. Caution is important.
This is Airbnb: … g=d9jDo35u

Here are some options near Colomiba University. … s#section4
Good luck:)

Thank you for all the info and advice , this is why she is worried !!

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