Investing in Malaysia

will it be a bad idea if i've decided to start business in Malaysia

If you can give us a better idea of what type of business you plan to start then we can give you some feedback.

Restaurant and thanks for replying :)

There are currently quite a lot of Middle Eastern restaurants in Kulala Lumpur, especially in the Bukit Bintang area, as well as in some of the shopping malls like Starhill and Pavillion. Those areas are really expensive and I guess hard to find an empty property.

It is possible to set up a restaurant in other areas, but the food must be good or reasonably priced. Apart from the Bukit Bintang area, I am not too sure about other areas where Middle Eastern restaurants exist.

Hopefully you'll get more information from others. But personally I would consider very carefully before investing your money.

i see.. thanks a lot :)

There are a few in Setapak, those are much cheaper than the ones in Bukit Bintang. In particular the ones in Platinum Walk and Idaman.

Reading other threads I found this one and the posts there are not very encouraging in terms of starting a business here in Malaysia.

thanks iskandar i will them and try to find more thank you for the info :)

It's always a good time to invest - but only if you go about it the right way. For the restaurant business, the last thing you want to do is be present where all the competitors are. I would never set up a restaurant in Bukit Bintang or Mid Valley (unless I already had a strong brand recognition).  Find your niche area. I would recommend looking into several places - including Ampang because there is such a diverse range of foreigners including Middle Eastern people.  I know somebody who runs a bakery and French restaurant for many years in Ampang - and makes good money. He has a niche - and so can you.

Good luck.


thanks a lotttt

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