Best spots to swim in Khiran and Zoor beach

Hello there!

Where do you guys suggest to swim in Khiran? Any "cleanest" spot ? If you know the coordinates please share :)

As for the Zoor beach, I read online that it is very clean and quit. But where is that located? :)


Lately I have been going to Khiran almost every weekend as I relized it really helps to get away from the crowd. It is so nice down there, I find it amazing that there isn't a soul around...not that I find it a problem.

I take road 285 and just settle down in one of the lagoons where no construction is taking place yet. They are a lot of them so just pick the one you want. As far as I can tall the water is very clean, although I did see some foam last time I was there but nothing alarming.

An acquaintance went there based on my suggestion, but they ended up further out towards Khiran resort and didn't like it, said that there was a ton of dead fish floating around.

In any case, my skin didn't start to peel off yet.

Yeah I went once last week. As you said, great change for disconnecting a bit.

The lagoon I chose was pretty dirty ( the sand area) but water was clean.

I guess it's all about "your luck".

Ah yes, the pile of trash that greets you can put you off, but that is because they regularly "comb" the sand for the trash which ends up on one large pile an eventually gets picked up. Still an impressive amount of trash for such a deserted place.

I end up floating in the water for hours and really enjoy it, until I need to drive back to the reality. :)

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