health- found spot on xray. can i work in GCC country?

Hi I'm Mary, last January 29,2016.I came in Bahrain to work but unfortunately they send me back in Philippines last Sept. 1,2016 they said Im unfit they found a spot on my xray. Just want to ask if proven that I'm fit to work is there any chance that I can go back to Bahrain and work or any GCC country? Thank u, hoping for ur reply

It depends on what tests you went for that proves that you are now fit to work. Is the Scare that has found in your x-ray gone??

GCC countries only trust their hospitals, and no matter what hospital you went to in your country for test, you will have to go for a new test in the GCC country you are in for acquiring residency permit. For Dubai they check (x-ray to check for scars on your lungs, HIV-AIDS and Hepatitis B)  So unless you clean from the reason Bahrain declared you as unfit then you have no chance in GCC Countries.

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