Teaching in Nepal

I am contemplating going to Nepal to teach. How would I go about doing that?

It is difficult to get a work visa, so I'm going to assume you want to volunteer. All the NGOs that I know of ask volunteers to help pay for just food and will provide varying levels of sleep arrangements, from Nepali sleeping arrangements with several to a bedroom to more modern comfort.

You can go to many of the guest houses and restaurants in Thamel. There are many places that post on the message boards. There are so many NGOs in Nepal the government stopped issuing licenses for new NGOs.

Our village, for instance, has many opportunities for teaching and volunteering and it's at the edge of the KTM Valley so you won't have to take a long bus ride. Although it's best to make connections prior to coming to Nepal, it's best not to make firm commitments until after you see their work.

Many social workers throughout the world, not just in Nepal, think their top priority is to provide for their own family and there just never seems to be enough to share. Here's a blog post from a volunteer working in our village.

I hope you have an amazing time in Nepal. Thank you for your kindness.

I am a New York State certified teacher. I am certified Pre k-6th grades. I have an Associates, Bachelors, and Masters Degree. Does this give me any advantage in attaining a work visa to teach in Nepal? If so, what route would I explore to find out if I could actually do this? If you don't know for sure, could you please point me in the right direction? I'm talking about teaching for pay to live in Nepal, not volunteering. I really appreciate your help! Thank you!

Government workers don't always answer the email. Our phone went out and when we called the phone company no one would answer the phone. It's really difficult to find answers.

I'd suggest going directly to some of the larger, international private schools. I have seen postings from them. Try Xaviers, Lincoln and whoever has a website.

Thaaaaaaaank You!

Don't forget checking the website of 'The British School in Kathmandu'.

And Lincoln and Xaviers are good suggestions indeed. Lincoln being an US International School.

The way to make this work would in my idea be to first come to Nepal, and find / hire yourself a good lawyer. He should then be able to answer your questions, or go and search for the answers on your behalf.

Prepare yourself for a long and hard ride though. The Nepalese government has made it really hard to obtain a work permit for teachers (and not only for teachers..!), outside having an invitation from one of the big international schools.

I am sorry to say you will not be able to find a whole lot of information online, and what you _do_ find is likely to be outdated. The only real way to get any proper current information is to come to Nepal and visit the offices of where the information should have come from, and start asking questions there.

Regarding coming to Nepal: I thought there must be a less expensive way to fly there. I am coming from Niagara Falls, NY. According to looking at the info on it looks like the best way is: NYC- Delhi. There was  China Southern Airlines for $666! Then, either look for a stand-by flight to Katmandu or bus it to Nepal. What do you mighty expats think in your voluminous wisdom?

The Indonesia airlines opening up in the US. I think they have good prices. It's really difficult to get a train ride, not difficult but complicated, but they do have a certain number of seats reserved for tourists. Maybe you can ask and Indian. I took the train to Ghorikpur and then bus the rest of the way, but the train track is further now. It was a lovely ride on the train. The border town is really typical of border towns so be careful and try to get there during the day time.

I took a room for the night and then a tourist bus to Kathmandu. I think I got cheated a bit on the room and bus fair, so don't bring in Indian money except for 100 rupee notes and when you get to your guest house they can arrange for a tourist bus-Don't take a local bus. I'd try to book ahead online for the border town. Why? They know you will give them a bad review so they will be good and not cheat you. Border towns in every country are the same.

Hope you have a pleasant trip.

How accurate are the plane fairs on this expat site where it says,
" Flights to Nepal"?  I noticed a flight from NYC -Delhi for $666!
That is  inexpensive.

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