Singaporean Moving to Bordeaux- How to work as Nurse?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently in Singapore.i recently got engaged and am planning to move to Bordeaux to be with my fiancé. We are on a long distance relationship for now. But i'm not sure where to start from. i'm working as a nurse here and would like to continue working as a nurse there too.

Language is a barrier as i know zero French. Any fellow Singaporeans here that can give me some advise?

Yes I agree with Sandy9090. Bordeaux is a cultural city with a lot of students, so often the younger generation speak some English, but not always. I too would learn some french before going to France because the people appreciate it and not all french people are happy to speak English. If you cannot find a french course to attend then try searching on YouTube as there are many people giving free language lessons.

I just moved to Bordeaux area 2 months ago after 1 and 1/2 year in Paris and yes, I agree with Sandy9090 and Hansson. Learn French before you move here. As for affordable/cheap French course, try looking into municipal French course (or in the centre culturel). I'll PM you regarding working as a nurse in France. I'm not a nurse but my background is also in health care and I'll share with you what I went through trying to get an equivalent for my diploma in order to work in the same field. I'm not from Singapore but maybe it'll help you prepare for your move to Bordeaux.

Congratulations on your engagement!


Apart to advice you to learn French quickly, know that your nurse graduate won't probably be valid and you will have to return in courses... And for that, a perfect knowledge of French is mandatory. But probably you could work as help-caring. It's helping people to wash them, etc... And also at home to clean, help for shop, cook, etc...

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