Moving from Jo'burg to Moka

Hi All,

My name is Danica, I'm currently still in South Africa. Will only be moving at the end of September. Really excited about the move and can't wait to start my life in Mauritius. Will be relocating alone, so hoping to meet and make friends with a group of expats to ease the transition.

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Thank you I have a car


Good luck with the move. I also made the move, arrived here yesterday... Wow, so different to what we're used to. Embrace it, and you'll love it.

Hi there good luck with your move I've been here for just over a month I love it.

Hey Danica,

You will find a lot of the SA expats on the West, with some staying in the North.

Welcome to Mauritius :)

Hi Werner & Nomad,

Thank you very much. Can't wait, have a lot to sort out but its been fun.

helo Danica

Nice meeting you. Moka is not far from my place as well office at ebene.

karibu mauritius dear.

please fee free to contact me for any assistance you may require. i will love to assist.
thanking you and regards.


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sure I am in Ebene... we can meet for dinner sometimes at bagatelle...are you into clubbing...

Hi There!  I arrived here about three months ago I am also from Jo'burg.  I am based in Floreal which is not far from Moka.  Happy to show you around or hang out :)


Welcome to Mauritius.
Have a nice stay in Mauritius.

Thanks, Rishi!

Thank for reply.

Please let us know if you need any help in the future. Work nearby.


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