Final exit

My dear  expats

I have a question  here. .. is it true that if you get a final exit visa from your company . You can't come back to the kindom again.  Even if u get a new sponsor. ..u are not allowed. only allowed to come back after 2 years.

Tell me guys how true  is that.


You have to go exit and then you will come on your choice as you wants , but make sure that its final exit some time company prepare for 6 month exit reentry and they not give you final exit . On that case you will not come again till your iqama is expired

Thank you so much  Rajaka. ..
Just that I heard that if u get final exit u are not allowed to come to saudi anymore  before  you finish 2 years.
Thanks alot

if u have Final exit its Easy to come back to ksa even with the same passport ,, best wishs

I hear you mohamed. ..but my company said I will never come back to saidi...and I will never work with their competitors. .....
I I take final I go forever. ....

iam Working here As accountant and all that stuff i already know ,, when u have Final Exit visa ur company will give u ur Iqama to deliver it at Airport ,, so its easy to u to know if u have final visa or no ,, Got it ?

Yeah I get you...and yes they gave me my iqama. .

...tHanks a lot

See, the employers can do many things if they don't want you to come back here.

Usually, as @mohammed said, they'll let you go back to your country on an exit re-entry visa; not a final exit visa. As you won't come back to work for this employer, an automatic ban of 3 years will get in effect for you.

During your stay off in your country, if you try to get a new visa endorsed to you, the Saudi embassy will excuse saying that you already have a valid visa and iqama.

If they give you a final exit visa, and they didn't get you blacklisted, you can come back in a few days. Usually employers don't take pains of blacklist employees. They just give them the ERE and let them go home.

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