Change of Tourist visa to Work permit visa ?

Please help me on this as i can not speaks Spanish, very difficult for me at least to communicate and gets help for any thing, you can imagine how desperate i am now, i am here at S.L.P state since 24 July, 2016 and still unable to find a shop or place where i can buy regular tea, the tea you add water sugar and milk like PG's in UK or tapal, lipton, only flavored tea here.
Further more if some knows how to change status than i would like to move to either Monterrey or Mexico city where i can find english spoken people .

Stores like Walmart and Soriana or Comercial Mexicana do have black tea.  Twinings and Bigelow are two brands I have seen.  You have to look close.  There was an organic foods place in the public market area in Zacatecas that had black tea.  You'll find it only in the bigger cities.

If you're in Mexico on a tourist visa, you are probably where you'd have to go back to your home country to start the paperwork.

Sorry but you can't change a Tourist Permit to anything.

To get a working Visa you need a job offer and then return to your home country to apply for a "working resident" Visa at a Consulate.

Very difficult ... it used to be easier

Many places in Mexico you'll find English speakers

thanks for the reply,
i have some informations already but the problem is we do not have Mexican embassy or consulate in our country, we either need to go nearest middle east countries to apply tourist visa or if we carry Britain or usa visa then we can come Mexico without a Mexican visa, i am holding 10 years UK tourist visa so i entered without a visa, immigration officer in Mexico handed over me a thin paper card on which he mentioned 180 days and U.K.
I can not go United States due to my immigration petition is pending, my wife and children living in Houston, i want live here because this is the nearest place where my family can visit me,

please help and guide me if you can as my life is miserable and inhuman, living apart from my immediate family since May, 2008.


Really, only Immigration (INM) can advise you.  There are offices in Mexico City, all state capitals and other large cities.  Hopefully, you have a friend who speaks Spanish.

Try to find a job,  in a company they need somebody speak english like you, then if they are interesting in you,  they need to have Constancia de empleador to foreign contract, then a work offert, is a tramit in the Instituto Nacional de Migracion and go to some Mexican consulate in the world they will give you. I am Mss. Piza Attorney, if you need a consultation with pleasure, find me in internet please.

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