House benefit & Universal credit

Hello there,

I am planning to moving in the UK, in Outer London (south west) as a teacher.
Firstly my wife won't move with me and our little girl. She'll have to stay in France finishing her studies (one last year). She'll join us, once graduated.

I am questionning about house benefit and universal credit.
I will earn approx 2150£ per month (extras or bonus not included) and I have been looking for house benefit elegibility. The calculation tells me I would be helped with 998£ a month through universal credit program.
Does it seem reliable to you ?
Is there anyone helped with house benefit or universal credit in Outer London who could share their situation with me ? Like ... how many you earn per month, what is your rent and how much you earn with this benefits ? (in private message).

Thank you very much all !


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