New Member and would like to meet new people:)

Hello everyone! :)

My name is Maylin, I'm new in this website, I would like to meet new people, share moments and also experiences about live and about living in Bali :)

wish we could grab a drink or cup of coffee and have a good talk whenever you're in Bali

Best Regards,

Hello and welcome to join forum

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
I've never been to Bali but I love your home town of Yogyakarta. I've visited many times, always sad to leave.

Hello thank you everyone for welcoming me :) hope we could meet one day in Bali or anywhere.

Best Regards,
Maylin :)

Hi, I'm in Jakarta. If you ever have the chance to come here let me know. Love to have a drink, a cup of coffee and chit chat... For the meantime I hope you enjoy life in Indonesia.

It's unlikely we'll ever meet as I'm in Jakarta area and don't go out all that much without my wife (except for my photo wanders - she lets me go on them).

Hi Maylin, I used to live in Bali and usually visit 2 or 3 times a year. If you have any questions then I'll do my best to answer. However, I think there are several other Forum members who are currently living there and probably can offer more help than me.

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