Dog sitters or kennels

Hi, does anyone know of reliable dog sitters or kennels ....we are new to Bucharest and have a pampered 8 yr. old retriever.



I imagine you've probably found somewhere by now but we use Planeta HamHam when needed. Took our dog there the first day we arrived for day care whilst house sitting and continued using them over the last year or so.

Kennels are good and she always seems happy. Also take here to day care every so often for a day of play.

We've always found them very helpful.

Great thank you. Will go and have a look.

If you still have problems finding someone I will be in bucharest from next January.  I have done dog sittings here in Spain, a real dog lover, 65 years old but fit and love walking.

Just in case your still looking early next year

Hi Robert,

Thanks for replying. We will no doubt still be looking .......we've just arrived in Bucharest, and should be here for 4 years.

We have an 8 year old retriever, Billy, who loves company and being out,  only kennelled once as we prefer to let him stay at home ( whenever possible ). He doesn't walk miles as he has dysplasia of the reasons why we try to avoid kennels, ambles rather than trots !

Do get in touch when you get here.



Hello! I am also an expat and a student here in Bucharest, back in my country my mom runs a shelter for street dogs, so I would love to help you by tacking care of him, due to my student statuss I cant afford a dog and is being really hard not having that fluffy company, so  for me it wouldnt be just a job, so if you are interested please let me know. Have a great day!


Thanks. Let me know your contact details. Debbie

Billywizz :


Thanks. Let me know your contact details. Debbie

Please use the PM system for this, contact details are not permitted to be posted on the public forum please ;)  Thanks

Romaniac Experts Team

Yes, thanks, I did not posted it.


there is a service called Pet Me, As I understand it is a platform where private people can offer to be a pet sitter and you can look and search for a pet sitter close to your home. No kennels, pets will stay in family contact.

good luck

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