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Hi,  I have been thinking of moving to Istanbul since the past few years. Istanbul for me was love at first sight. Presently I am working in Dubai , i  am considering moving to Istanbul by early next year. I would like to take advice as I'm interested in buying an apartment. Wondering what part of Istanbul is considered upscale yet not too pricey, approx thirty minutes to Taksim. I would like to get connected to someone who could help me with my Turkish. Ciao! Zill

Perpa , samsung building is very ok

Hi Sara, please can you share more details, the location of the Samsung building. I would really appreciate. TC

Hi Zill,

Hope you are well. I am currently looking to move to Istanbul also, I currently live in Marmaris a coastal town in turkey, but will looking to move in the winter time. My Turkish is basic but is improving each day, so if you do end up moving to Istanbul then I'd be happy to help. Hope everything goes well with your plans on the move.

Good luck!


Hi Jessica, Seems you are ahead of me, i heard a lot about Marmaris, believe its awesome. I am looking forward... Cheers

Hi Zill can You tell us your budget ? Are  you looking for an classic flat in classic building or an flat in complex with shoping mall like axis istanbul its closed to the metro and 20 - 30 min away from Taksim square

HI oki38, My upper limit is between 325000TL- 350000 TL. I want to live on a clean street and a pleasant neighbourhood. I do not mind  Classic or new building, as long as the building is well maintained, surly environment is important. I prefer living closer to a Metro and preferably near some good food street.

Majority of the real estate agents  quoted me property prices in US dollars and Euros. While the same apartment is being offered to a Turk for approx 15% lessor price. Out of curiosity a Turkish friend an expat in Dubai ,called to counter check the going prices, would you believe, he was offered a similar apartment at a discounted price.  I wonder why ?  :unsure

Hi Zill
For this prices it is difficult to find a flat at the city center, unfortunately. Because flat rates are very high at the center. You may find 1 bedroom flat outside of the city, sorry.

In Turkey most popular website is:

or you can visit:
to get idea about the real estate prices

Hi Zill,

Its better you to buy one when you come. U can rent somewhere while looking and we need to check the local prices from locak websites like My Turkish is quite well and i can help you to look and to communicate with the real estate agents as i am a buyer :)

Thank you fthtpz, I'll appreciate..

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