tutor in cebu

Im looking for perfect English tutor in cebu  :cool:

In which part of Cebu will you be staying?

Im planning to stay in lapu lapu
Close to airport .
So What do you recommend ?

There are several English schools in Lapu-Lapu city where you can enroll. … -lapu-city

I would suggest getting a 1 on 1 class. But this will cost you more.

My work retion 1 month work by 1 month off
So i cant stay in Philippines more than 28 days
That why im looking for private tutro .

The like you sent still undr review maybe after 24 hours i will can open it .

Hi Qassem,

Try to post an ad in the Cebu classifieds > language section: … ines/cebu/

Did you find your teacher :-)

No still no find ..

Realty. Im was busy at work i didn't search again ....

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