Tourist visa in Denmark

Hi I'm Sarah Gonda a Filipina. Working here in UAE for almost 8years. I have a question and need an advice regarding a schengen visa.
I have a Danish boyfriend and this month were going  one year and soon his here in Dubai for the second time. And were planning to get married earlier next year in Denmark..
Is it difficult in processing a schengen visa? Is anybody could help us?
Love to hear ur opinion and ideas.

I don't think you will have any difficulties. Just visit the Denmark consulate or Embassy here in Dubai and ask for the guide lines in getting a tourist visa. But it will all depend on the kind of work your boyfriend does, his finances and if he can take care of you during your stay in Denmark.

I think the many tourism centers here in Dubai too can help you in acquiring a Schengen visa. Go to one of these centers and find out.

Thanks a lot for the good advice...i will try... :)

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