Aramco beach and library

Hi everyone
I had a job with aramco in saudi arabia eastern area i am single man and will not live inside the compound according to the contract
Can i access to the facilities and entertainments inside the compond like going to beach, gym,library etc...

Hello.. how are you

As i am also alone in dammam near of your place... would you like we become friends and hang out.... replay me with your email please.

That would be good, thanks.  Are you fe/male?  I`m not sure of the laws in Saudi.  I`ll be working there from Oct or Nov this year and I think single males and females can`t mix.... or maybe I`m wrong?



Hello Gerry

Free mixing isn't allowed privately, but in some places it is possible like compounds, hotel restaurants and some restaurants outside if booked...hope that helps

Thank you for that :)


Take care

As Mr. Abdul Kareem said In Khobar and Dammam, Mixing in public places like malls restaurants, even in cofeeshops its not an issue.

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