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Hello everybody

I need some information. I got it a job in Doha as a driver. Now that was month ago. How much time I need to wait for visa and can somebody tell me what kind of accomodation I can expect. Because my job is driver and I know that will have roommate. But I heard that they put more than one person in room. Is that true?


As per Qatar Labor Law, you are entitled for FREE Accommodation either shared or independent. Before arriving in Qatar read the Employment contract get a copy with valid Employer Stamp document to make sure it meets your needs everything involved.

The Cache is in-case if you did not sign and arrive in Qatar the employer will ask you sign it here a ( maybe New or Existing) contract letter which will go to Qatar's Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs that Employee accepted the offer. ( maybe this is different offer not matching as promised by the employer.)
You can approach Labour court if the offer didn't match with a Valid Proof.

Thank you for information. About sharing accomodation. How many people lives in one apartment or room.

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