Vaccinations for kids in Riyadh

I wanted to check on the kids vaccinations since my family has come on visit visa and my child vaccination is due in sometime. So, can anyone suggest me where to get it from. I stay in Al warood.


you can take you kids to Ministry of health in your area it's totally free (i have live experience with my baby) even tow weeks a go i visited.

but the things you required is Your house contract from Aqari & wife eqama, and just send your wife to ladies section with doc.

timing is till 2:00pm Sun-thursday.



This is possible when your family is on permanent visa. Not on visit visa!


Hi Bharat,

You need to go to any hospital or polyclinic and take vaccination paying cash.

Please study about vaccination
I advise not to inject harmful chemicals in your kids
a lot of information about vaccination is available on web

Hi Dear at what time open morning if you know Please tell me thnx

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