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Hi, my name is Michelle, and looking to retire in @2 yrs.  I am 45, will have a military pension, so I don't think cost will be a problem. What are the Canadian Laws for living outside Canada? I have been told u cannot be outside Canada for over 180 days in a year or u lose ur  CPP.  I was also told if u come back to Canada for 2 days out of the year, then it's ok. Anyone have advice for me? I will be coming single. Thanks.

have a look at this link Gov of CND and this one benefits

Thanks. What about health care?

Canadian healthcare does not help you here. But private insurance is available,  good quality and affordable.  I work with one of the  2 best companies.

As to Canadian rules,  being outside Canada doesn't effect your right to CPP, it does effect your right to health care and the Old Age Supplement. But you are a long way from that.

And welcome to the forums!!!

Thano you.  Are u in DR? Where is best place to live?

No one can say what is the best place to live. It depends what you like, what's important to you and what you need!

And yes, I've been here 13 years.

Thank you dear.  Appreciate ur advice xo

We need to keep in touch.

Please do. And read lots of the other threads, they are full of great information!

HappinessSeeker  let me add my welcome. Yes you will have an issue with your health insurance if you are out of Canada for over 6 months and I think some provinces actually let you be out 7 months.  However I know many who return after a long long time and have no problem.  I also think you insurance is re instated after being back after 30 days.

There is lots of information here to read and lots of good folks here as well.

Have you been to the DR before???

Before you do any move you need to come and spend a couple of months as a non tourist and see if he country "fits" you. As well as to explore places to live. We have been here for over 10 years and live on the north coast (between Sosua and Cabarete) which has a large expat community.

Bob K

Thanks for the info Bob.  I have been to DR 6 times as a tourist. I will definitely spend some time as a non-tourist for a couple months. My retirement date is Jan 2019, looking fwd to it. 😀

Insurance reinstates after  3 months.   Good info Bob....

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