Looking for people can speak Persian or know Iranian culture

I'm planning to marry my love and she is from Iran. so It will be very good idea if I met with some one who know more information about these things. Please any information will help because I knew nothing.

Hi, sir
I am Iranian girl which got engaged with one Indian man two years ago . we so tried but we  could not register our marriage in Iran , cause this is so hard and long process in Iran, We gave request to internal ministry in Iran for  it  and they rejected us after 4 months, I prefer you which do not pass your time for cOmming to Iran for register your marriage and never think which you can live in Iran even if register it in turkey, cause Iran government reject your staying request  usually .

So I prefer you which you  go to turkey  together and register  your  marriage   there and then  say her to come back to Iran and you start its process for carrying her to  your country .  I can say you certainly  that  do not  search for other way cause there is any way except it .

If you need to more information contact me on my e-mail : xxx
Cause I do not like you experience that we did. It is so tribe realy and It continues for us yet.
Of course if you or her are rich persons so you can follow its process hopefully. 
with regards , Ela

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