Compensation package for a senior position in Dar es salaam

I have applied for a job as a Managing Director in Dar es Salaam. I have been asked to specify my salary expectation before moving on to the short list. Can someone guide me in what would be a reasonable compensation package? We have two children age 6 and 8 that would go to one of the international schools. We would relocate from Sweden. I would work for a European company with regional officer in Africa and Middle East and I would manage the Tanzanian office.

I think you should demand for USD 5000/ + per month depending on the undertaking,
And company should take care of:

Your House
Your kids education
Medical for all members in family
A vehicle

Thank's That is really helpful.

I recently got an offer which says in hand salary and local salary.
What does this local salary means? Is it linked to (as a %) to your in hand salary?
My offer is $4500 per month as 'in hand' salary? Company will pay for housing, kids education, car, medical, annual leave travel and utilities.

How much should i ask for local salary? Please give some advice based on the industry practice at Dar Es Salaam

In hand salary is also known as EXTERNAL salary, which means the company can deposit this salary in your designated account which is in your home country or they will give this amount to your hand which you take the responsibility to send it to your account in your home country from any Tanzanian banks. Local salary is usually in Tanzania Shilling or USD (which has to be exchanged to TSH) which is for you to spend for your local expenses.

Overall you are offered a good package.  You should check the limit for housing and limit for kids education (for all kids or just 1) with the company. For a family of 4 I think you can ask for Tsh 700,000 to 800,000 (USD 350-400). If they offer more ....then good for you. If your company have fixed your external salary they must have fixed your local salary also. Usually both comes together from the employer side.

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