Expats like to use local stuff or imported brands?

I have a question for you expats. Pls help give me some ideas.

I worked for a shop which sold lots of high quality products imported from US, Europe, Aus, Canada,...including fashion accessories to personal care products as ointment, shampoo,toothbrush..and it was quite crowded with expats and tourism all the time. However, when I did some advertising of a toothpaste as Sensodyne imported from US or a shampoo imported from Europe with high quality in Expat Facebook Group I always received many comments that expats did not waste their money for those imported products as they can buy local stuff quite cheap here. I was a bit amazed also as many expats who I talked to could not see any difference about the quality, the taste, the duration of smell,...b/w the stuff they use at their own country with those they bought from the supermarket here.

You gals can help me on this? Do you have a demand for vitamins and supplements or medicine from US, Europe, AU rather than local stuff? In fact I am selling quite well those to Vietnamese but I want to explore if expats have a need.

Thanks for your kind advice in advance


Just answer why expat move to vietnam? Then u can understand why they dont use these kind of products

Precisely.   We are not all naive...      :idontagree:

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