Seek 2-week Polish instruction and homestay in Warsaw Sep-Oct 2016

My daughter (13 years old) and I are coming to Warsaw later this month. I want to ask you if you have any ideas of where we can study Polish (maybe 3 hours per day) and do a homestay with a Polish family in Warsaw where we can practice learning Polish. We plan to be in Warsaw for two weeks and we want to take Polish lessons and stay in a home where we can practice learning Polish. Do you know of any families like this? My daughter and I can share one bedroom. We are coming at the end of September.
Thank you,

Hi Brian,
Download airbnb application on your smartphone to find a hosting Polish people.
Rgarding Polish lessons, me too looking for a good place to learn Polish.
Good luck

Thank you Anoos. My hope is to have a learning environment at the home where they spend time with you during meals and help you learn Polish. It feels like too much to ask someone who is hosting airbnb to do all that. I think most hosts are busy with work and their own lives. But I appreciate the suggestion!

Good luck to you too with your search for tutoring!

Hi, if you'd be interested in learning Polish, I think I could help you you with a few online classes or via Skype.

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