Successful Move (so far!)

My family moved to Valencia, Spain 2 1/2 weeks ago. Since arriving we have taken on a lot. We have: finalized our apartment purchase; negotiated a small renovation; enrolled our three boys in an awesome school; obtained the documentation to have our belongings shipped from Canada; swam; sunned; eaten well; and most importantly, enjoyed the last few weeks of summer as a family.
There is still lots to take care of before we settle in and none of it has been easy, but we're doing it, one giant step at a time.
To anyone who is going through or has gone through what we are in the middle of, our hats go off to you. To anyone just starting or even just thinking about making a journey like this, get as much help as you can! Ask questions. Do lots of research. Get help from people and services with experience. Every destination has its own challenges but if you have kids and a life that you are moving away from, many of the challenges will be similar.
I don't have much advice for you other than this: sometimes it will suck. Sometimes it will be amazing. You will curse every setback and celebrate every victory. You will give up mentally a dozen times. You will have to take no for an answer sometimes, then find another way to get it done anyway. And In the end, if you really really really want to do it, you will.
One day you will wake up and realize where you are and what you have accomplished. You will vaguely feel the victories and disappointments of the weeks before, but take that moment to realize where you are and what lays ahead of you. Life can be an adventure but only you're ready for it and give it every ounce of patience and perseverance you have.
To my wife and three kids, I love you guys. Thank you for supporting and even embracing this move. These next months are going to be hard but we're all up for it. Embrace the challenges and stay in every moment. We'll all be here for each other as we always have been, sharing the love and adventure together.
Love, Dad xoxo

congrats to you!  we made the move 4 yrs ago and write all about it.   Glad you are making it through and keeping the positive attitude through all of the little twists and turns that come along with this choice.

En hora buena! We did the same about 12 years ago and I recognize a lot in your positive story! Thanks for sharing. Valencia and its region is a great place to live:))

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