Need help to fill KA02 form-for Engineers applying for immigration

Hello Everyone,

I am Electrical Engineer, and i am under the process for immigration under skilled immigrant category SMC. I have submitted my documents to be accessed in NZQA, and they submitted their report that I must be assessed by IPENZ (engineering institution in NZ) in order to be able to claim points for LTSSL.
My problem is about the KA02 form needed by all engineers to fill, this form is complicated and questions is extremely uncommon, I have no idea how to start filling it.
Has anybody submitted his KA02 to IPENZ and got a successful feedback who can advise? I would appreciate it if get a successful KA02 form which can guide me to understand and make an adjacent report.


Two of my friends got postive outcome through them.

According to them, they are very professional and experienced, may be they can help you.


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