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Hello all!! 
As a Canadian, I did indeed get into the great curling pastime and curled for several years before moving to Scotland.  When I moved here, I was determined to continue here in the home of curling and found myself in a very old club.  I still enjoy curling and want people to enjoy it as well, and it's a great way to socialise.  If you are interested in joining a club, please let me know!

Is there any curling in Edinburgh? Where are you located? Im Canadian as well and wouldn't mind a sweep or 2!

HI Wendy!!  yes, there is curling in Edinburgh!!  Have you curled before or are you a new curler?  I am a member (and secretary) of Duddingston Curling club, and every club in town curls out of Murrayfield Curling rink (which is next to the Murrayfield ice rink).  If you wanted to join us, please email me at xxx  We are always looking for new members, whether regular or on the reserve list to fill the gaps!

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Hello again

Are we not able to add email addresses in the forum?  I tried to send the email address for the curling club but only just noticed it was removed.  I will try again..

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