Hi. I am Karima and new to Bangkok. Friends?


My name is Karima, just moved to Bangkok 20 days ago and looking to make new friends. :top: 

Line: xxx

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Hello and welcome to Expat.com Karima

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Hi Kariya
I shifted to Bangkok a week back and looking forward to meet new people as well. Can we meet sometime?

Sorry for misspelling your name....stupid auto typing!!  :P

Hi Karima,
I am in Singapore but I have travelled to Thailand and I would probably visit again. How is Thailand for you and are you having a great time? Let me know if you would like to stay in touch via email **

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hi Karima

Welcome to Thailand. Hope you are having a good time and safe?

Hi Kimmy,

I am Cliff.  I moved to Bangkok 8 years ago and I am still
figuring-out the Bus and Van routes!

Might be nice to have a coffee and a chat sometime.

See ya,

:)  Cliff

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Hi Karima,
I'm new to this site but lived in bkk now 16 years.
If you need any help or guidance drop me a msg.
Hope your settling in good

Hi Aboo. All is great so far thank you 😊

Hi, welcome hope you get good experience here :)

Hi friends, I just come bkk for about 2 times ... really love here ... also want to get more friends ... welcome all.


I've been living her for a few months now, I moved over for work. Would you be keen to catch up for food or drinks sometime?

I will be there in next couple of weeks. Hope to see you guys there too :)

Hope you are doing well here in Bangkok. I am also expat. I sent SMS on ur line. Pls check. Have a nice day !

Welcome to the land of smile! I am Thai but I am pleasure to help pls drop me msg.  :)

Hi Karima,

Welcome to Bangkok. How are things with you?

Hi, I have some work in Thailand that's why every other month about 25 days I have to spend in Thailand, I am looking for new freinds.

Hi Karima.
I am Punch, local guy. Nice to meet you

Hi Karima,

Most welcome in Thailand and hope you are doing very well here.

Hello Karima , how are you ? My  name is hanane , l'm in bangkok since July , l'm looking for friends who speak English , frensh or Arabic , and I'm from morocco , hope to be friends 😆😊

Hi Hanane,

I have been living here since 2008. Hope to meet you soon.

Awesome , Welcome here ,,great places to hang out in city ....you can keep my SOS number in case you need ***
Have a Super Day .....

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my name is Johnny i am from Sweden

I am Japanese lives here 5 years. It took a time though I am becoming free to go out little more than before then I want someone go out for drinking at Wine Bar, Sports Bar etc.
Pls contact me does not care man or woman.
I speak Japanese, Thai and English. I was living in Houston 6 years for working.
Hope see you.

Welcome to BKK, how are you doing new life in BKK? Everything goes well?
I am Japanese Working and living here 5 years. I think we have some wine and chat?
If you do not mind exchange LINE or WhatsApp ID then talk before Wine-Chating Meeting?

TOTO *not a toilet ball

Hello there

Are you still Bangkok?

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