Random Thainess meet-ups

Greetings!  I'll be joining and presenting at a meet-up event on Monday (September 5th, 2016), talking about tea in Thailand.  Has anyone been to these?  I've talked to people that have and it sounds ok, not the conventional business or social networking event, with more of an informative, topic-oriented theme.  The link to that event, a notice with details: 5 Random Thainess meeting link

The general group profile is here:

I write a blog about tea here (of course; hence the username), so I'll discuss background of tea in Thailand, tea in general, and just a start on suggesting how to get started (best intro types, brewing, local sources, etc.).

Again, I presented an introduction to tea at an expat meet-up in Bangkok this week, and of course I shared some tea, with this blog post covering all that. 

This meet-up series is a little different due to the informative presentation theme (along with them offering food and doing breaks to socialize), with more on all that in the description, and on what I covered.  It was nice, surely not for everyone, but something different. … et-up.html

There is another of those Random Thainess events next Monday, and I'll speak about being a Thai monk here in Bangkok at it:

It's sort of a separate subject, but it might be nice if others posted about other meet-up groups here, since discussion of local activities is pretty limited.  There are other online groups that do events, related to different sites, but I don't attend many, a few through Internations awhile back and one through a Facebook group not so long ago.

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