planning to invest in new Zealand - On what Visa?

Hi I been in New Zealand on LV ( limited visa) I liked it very much n planned to invest in new Zealand to buy vacation home cum earning but after that my visa refused with lame excuses now I don't know what to do can anyone quide me...

U can check for investor visa.

Thnx for reply Actually I was thinking to travel on tourist visa n check opportunities n explore then only I should buy but now they doubt on my intentions.. If any other way plz let me know I want like on vocations I go to Nz relax n chill n that property give earning to me too.

Guess to buy a property in nz u need to have an IRD number. For foreign investors u need to check the laws. By the way who is suspicious about ur itentions. U can apply for visit visa. Visa wont be denied unless there is a specific reason.

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