Dalianites! Let's hangout in October!!

Hey all, my name is Ron and I'm new to the expat community. I've been living in Dalian for over a year now, and I realized that I've done almost nothing to connect with other people =( So here is my chance to redeem myself, haha

How about hanging out on either October 15th or 22nd at Shamrocks in Zhongshan district? I'm thinking it'll be a relaxed evening meeting folks, sharing stories, sharing tips, and sharing some drinks. I know that we come from all over the world, so I think there's plenty that we can talk about and even find lots of things in common! Friends and family are welcome to join of course.

Feel free give any other thoughts or other ideas. If you'd like to join, please reply with the Saturday that works better for you, Oct. 15th or 22nd. Once I get an idea of which date is best, I'll create an event for all of us.

Oh, one more thing, if you don't check this site often, feel free to add me on WeChat directly. ***. Hope to see you soon!!

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Z visa pending I'll hopefully be moving to Dalian in early October and would be on for any meetups!

That's cool, man. I hope you make it out here safely and even better if we can meet you! Stay in touch for sure.


i'm since 5 weeks in Dalian and i would like to meet some people. 22nd of October would work for me.
Is someone of you living in Kaifaqu or all in Dalian dwontown?



Welcome to Dalian, Chris! How has the city been treating ya? It would awesome to have you join us!

I'll make an event for the 22nd then. It seems like a safe date to go with.

I'm a 22 y/o male Canadian working at a Uni in Dalian until December. I'm game to meet up whenever! Shoot me a message

Cool! I created an event: … greet.html

Join and let's hang out and stuff =) How long have you been in town?

Are u still in Dalian? I am from New Zealand but I am in Dalian for a month cuz my dad is Chinese. U seems like a fun person to talk to and we can become friends. I am fluent in Chinese so I can teach u a little bit. when i was in NewZealand, i always try to teach my friend chinese. they think chinese is too difficult so they stop learning. Btw, i am a youtuber and we can make videos together, since u like photography.
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