Looking for accommodation - Recommend websites, agencies


I have been staying in a hotel in la Paz and I want to move to something less expensive and long term. Can people please recommend furnished rented accommodation (apartments) websites, agencies or landlords.

Also, I do not know the city at all. What are good areas to live in and look for accommodation?


I love using airbnb.com they not only have daily prices but many times owners list a monthly price. Very easy to use.

Great but let us hope the moderators will let me see the link!

Let's try this again. Try airbnb dot com. Not knowing they restrict websites l do apologize..  That stands for air bed and breakfast.
I have lived down here for year and half using that site where ever l go. Have lived in Samaipata, Sucre, and until l move again here in Santa Cruz.

Oh thinking about getting your residency. Go for your 2 year, skip the one year one. Same amount of paper work and frustration. Don't let them talk you into the one year.
I have found that most lawyers fees are around  $350 - 400 US.
If you decide to come down off the mountain Santa Cruz is very friendly and has great weather.

Thanks a lot!

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