new life in Western Europe or Australia or even New Zealand

My name is Veronica and I travel with my two children. We are looking for a new life in Western Europe or Australia or even New Zealand. I am happy to answer any questions and meet reasonable requests.

I'm happy to be here.

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It's morning in France, and perhaps a good question can anyone here be of help to you?  Do you have any questions for us? :)

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Yes I do have lots of questions. Do French public schools have a program for non-French speaking children? Which companies assist with work permits and visas?

Hi Veronica and welcome to the Forum.

At the top of this page are some links; if you select the "Handy Tools" one, it will take you to a lot of articles which will answer some of the questions you may have regarding moving to France.  I notice that you're looking for possibilities to move practically anywhere in Europe or AUS/NZ - then the same logic applies, just select the handy links link at the top of that countries web-page.

Once you've read them, if you can come back with any specific questions you may then have.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck in your quest. :)

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