How much Saudi iqama costs for a Lebanese?

Hi all.

I am lebanese and my husband has been working in jeddah for 2 and a half years in a restaurant . I came to Jeddah on a visit visa 2 months ago.

I was wondering if he could get me an iqama and how much does it cost. Can anybody please help me.

If u came on visit visa u cant get iqama. U must have to exit when ur visa will expire.
If u need iqama ask your husband to proceed for ur permanent family visa if he is eligible.

Ok thanks but my question is also if he's eligible or not.He's Lebanese and  works at a restaurant as team leader.His employer got him his iqama.Based on this do you think he can get me one?

Only your husband can do this not his kafeel. So ask your husband is he eligible?

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