Tough to adjust to the life in Malta

Yes, I have a hard time to adjust so it would be great to meet new open-minded friends here....

Hi GeorgeMalta :)

Maybe you can introduce yourself and tell us more about you.
Where are you from and since when are you in Malta ?


Priscilla  :cheers:

After you have found your way through bureaucratic maize, about which you may find a host of conflicting ex-pat advise that amuses the Maltese no end,  as far as I can see, the most important thing is to remember that we are in Malta and not to expect things to run as if in the UK. I have met quite a few ex-pats, who do not seem to get it and so get caught up in an endless loop of complaint. Chill out and enjoy the ride. Its an adventure, view it as such and turn obstacles overcome into achievements.

This might seem a bit "happy clappy", by why else are we here? Its a great place to be and, almost without exception, I have found the Maltese to be wonderful hosts to strangers in their land. Treat them with the respect they are due and I have not yet met one who has not bent over backwards to help.

Thanks for the responses. Adjusting getting better day by day. It never had anything to do with bureaucracy but socially. Very nice people here, friendly and all, but that social, spontaneous, open-mindness is hard to find. Maybe it's because it's a small traditional island and people are a bit vary, shy, careful with new friendships?

Are you there alone George? What do you mean by open-mindedness (things related to sexuality, religion)?

Possibly you could take up a hobby, study group or something like that in order to meet people - not sure on your work situation.

Openmindness for me means that you can speak about anything meeting in a bar or restaurant. It's seems a little touchy for locals to be approached publically by strangers, and especially having a deep and open conversation straight away.

Yeah, I guess some people can feel a little vulnerable in that type of circumstance. I think it may be a clash of cultures a little - probably because they get a lot of foreigners, or may be suspicious of such conversations so early.

If I were you, I'd take up a hobby, or a course or something like that - give yourself a chance to better know the people over time.

Malta is a welcoming country, but the Maltese do have a tendency to be wary and somewhat skeptical of foreigners' intentions ... a look at their history explains the reasons for this.
Take it easy, take your time and in the meantime enjoy the sun and the sea  :)

I can relate, lived here over 3 years and find making like minded friends difficult too, I have some English friends, but the whole idea when I moved here was more to mix with locals. I don't find them socially open, although yes on a day to day basis they are friendly enough.

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